Meet Our Directors

Barbara lamb has shoulder length dark hair and is wearing a teal top.


Barbara Lamb

Peter Ritt, Treasurer


Peter Ritt

Gail Buick, Secretary


Gail Buick

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1st Vice President

Karen Burridge


DRC Committee

Procedure for all construction or improvements to property.

Committee Members: Gail Buick, Jim Langum

Road Committee

To oversee the development and maintenance of Association roads.

Committee Members:Terry Vondrak, Peter Ritt

Legal Committee

To be the liaison between the Associations Attorney and the Association.

Committee Members: Barbara Lamb, Peter Ritt

Newsletter Committee

Update the membership on monthly activities and issues facing the Association, to inform and update members on issues in the Forest

Committee Members: Gail Buick, Barbara Lamb

Governing Document Committee

To Update both the CC&R’s and Bylaws to 2021 codes.

Committee Members:Terry Vondrak, Barbara Lamb, Gail Buick and Peter Ritt plus Mark Oliver, Richie Fesler and Anthony Ruggiero