Real Estate

Local Agents

Companies serving the Mount Shasta Forest with properties listed for sale include:

Dorris Moss Realty (Mt Shasta Realty)

Century 21 Mt Shasta

Coldwell Banker Mt Shasta

Alpine Realty

There are many agents that can assist you in purchasing property in the Mount Shasta Forest subdivision. 

these are the properties that MSFPOA has for sell at this time. Call for prices
1-A-23, 1-A-22, 1-C-25, 1-C-26, 1-D-05, 3-D-03, 3-D-11, 3-E-16, 3-E-37, 3-E-44, 3-F-23, 3-H-19, 4-C-06, 4-D-16, 4-D-17, 3-D-01, 3-D-05,
 3-E-41,  3-G-06, 4-H-08, 3-E-20, 1-C-08