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Shasta Area

Mt Shasta as seen from the top of Black Butte.  Black Butte is the smaller cinder cone formation situated near Interstate 5 north of Mt Shasta.

Mt Shasta's prominence above surrounding features creates unusual weather formations.  These lenticular clouds form in varying shapes, sizes and layers above the mountain.

Upper McCloud Falls seen from above. During the summer months you can easily drive to the parking area above the Upper Falls and look down from the viewing area.
If you are willing to hike a short distance, you can enjoy the waterfall at stream level.  This is a popular summer swimming spot.

Lower McCloud Falls is much smaller, but easily accessible from a nearby parking area.  A popular swimming hole in the summer, the stream river flows all year.

Lake McCloud is just south of the town of McCloud.  This lake is popular for kayaking, boating and fishing.

Lake Siskiyou is west of the town of Mt Shasta. The western side of the lake features a commercial camping and boating area. The eastern side, shown here, has a small launch for kayaks and canoes that is accessible during the summer months.