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Esperanza Road Update 12/4

posted Dec 4, 2014, 7:48 PM by Shasta Forest
On Wednesday, December 3, I visited the office of a civil engineer for the U. S. Forest Service.
He told me what a lot of you may already know or suspect is going on with road we call
Esperanza. There have been several rumors going around and I was looking for some
clarification on the subject. The Forest Service employee informed me that the two timber
companies that have been using the road were responsible for grading the road after they had
finished the hauling of logs over Esperanza. This cannot be done until the surface of the road is
allowed to dry for a few days and it may be a while before the coming series of storms has
passed. If enough snow has accumulated on Esperanza then it appears that the Forest Service
is responsible for keeping the access open for the snowmobile people just as it was required on
Pilgrim Creek Road. After Esperanza is graded by the timber companies the next issue is,
“What about the general maintenance of the road?” Also when will Pilgrim Creek Road be
opened up again?
In addition I would just like to mention that the culvert on Pilgrim Creek Road was not damaged
by heavy equipment. It was closed because of the existing danger of debris up stream breaking
loose and damaging the road and culvert expansion.
I believe all we can do right now is drive slow on Esperanza.
President of MSFPOA
Jim Langum