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12/18 Update on the Road Closure

posted Dec 18, 2014, 6:58 AM by Shasta Forest
Update from Jim:  The access road for MSF will be plowed when it snows.  The question is up in the air on which road it will be and who is going to be responsible for plowing it.  The issues: #1 - If the Forest Service gets grant money or some other funds then they will plow it, otherwise the association will be responsible for plowing the road.  #2 - I have been informed that the F.S. is chechecking to see if things are frozen enough on the mountain to allow Pilgrims Creek to be reopened at an undetermined date.  At any rate a road will be plowed one way or another.   The out come depends on the weather, conditions on Mud Creek, finances for F.S., and F.S. administrative decisions made by the F.S.