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Volunteer Hose Company


More than 1.5 billion acres in the United States are privately owned or owned by State and local governments. Basic fire protection on these lands is the responsibility of State and local entities.

Rural firefighting resources are often the first line of defense in meeting expanded protection needs for wildland-urban interface fires. Of the more than 35,000 local fire agencies nationwide, 75% are volunteer. They provide nearly 80% of initial attack on wildland fires in the United States. These departments provide, at no cost, wildfire and emergency protection service to 43% of the population, at an estimated value of $36 billion per year.

For the past 40 years, these efforts have been mainly carried out by individual effort in the Mt Shasta Forest subdivision. Now, Association's Board of Directors and others in the community have come together to form a coordinated response to fire suppression; at no cost to individuals in the Mt Shasta Forest subdivision; as well as those in the McCloud Fire District.

Working with our local "Zone of Increased Benefits" (ZIB) committee and CAL-FIRE, we have the opportunity to establish what is known as a "Hose Company." A Hose Company is NOT a full-blown fire department, but a support organization for our local fire departments. Our role will be to house and operate a "Water Tender". In return, our local ZIB will provide training for our volunteer crew; as well as, pay for maintenance of the vehicle. It is in everybody's interest that this extra piece of equipment be available for use in the McCloud Fire District. The Hose Company will be located within Mt. Shasta Forest Sub-Division. Currently talks are ongoing with Siskiyou County to use the lot at Window Springs Drive and Wintoon Way (1-F-08) for other fire activites. Thanks for your time and your support.