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Governing Docs Update Committee

In mid 2012, the POA established a Governing Docs Update committee with the intent of updating our Governing docs (CCR's and Bylaws). The CCRs is the foundation document that describes the basic rules and goals of the POA. The Bylaws is the document that provides the methods and means by which the CCR's are carried out. Our reasons and goals for updating include:
  • To make the docs reflect the way we live in the forest - not a typical POA in a city environment - so they will be enforceable. The current CCR's were created by the original developer envisioning a fully-developed community. The reality is that our Forest is a blend of the few full-time residents who can find work in Siskiyou County, retirees, and vacationers (whether campers, RV'rs or those with small vacation homes). Our goal is to amend: 
    • Areas where the current docs are or may be too restrictive
    • Areas where the current docs are or may be too loose
    • Areas where the current docs are not in line with Ca. Davis Sterling Act which regulates the running of POAs in our state
  • Our current rules require a 75% majority to update our CCR's and a 50%+1 majority to update our Bylaws. Historical attempts to update CCR's failed to get 75% so many things that belong in CCRs were put in Bylaws and passed with 50% back in 1990's. So a big part of the project is sorting out the content of the current documents and putting each piece of content where it belongs.
  • Generally, our goal is to eliminate (preferably) or minimize our regulation of activities that are covered by  county, state and federal rules and regulations and rely on those rather than setting up our own set of rules - for example regarding gun usage, sanitation and livestock. Also, we are working to "Grandfather in" current exceptions to rules wherever possible. 

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